Peer Reviewed Articles: Choosing Valuable References

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Peer reviewed articles are one of the most common published articles that are being used for references when writing a literature review or an essay. Including peer-reviewed articles in writing your essay is always beneficial, because of its relevancy and accuracy. However, not all the peer-reviewed articles can be used. There are some rules that you should consider when choosing valuable references for your work, whether it is a synthesis essay or a sociology paper:

  • Unless your professor specifies what should be considered, otherwise, it is necessary to include recent articles in your research. Peer-reviewed articles that have been published 10 years ago must not be included anymore. This is for the simple reason that the facts and the findings of the researchers or authors have probably been overridden by newer studies.
  • Only include peer-reviewed articles that have been published within 5 years from when you are writing your research paper or essay. This helps ensure that all of the information you use in your research is considered to be timely, relevant and significant. You can always find these articles in many online databases.
  • Use online databases that have a better search system. Find online databases that will allow you to refine your searches by year. By refining these settings, you can ensure that you will only be using articles that support your assignment effectively. This is particularly true not just in refined searches by year, but also by topic.
  • Make sure your peer-reviewed articles are relevant to your research paper. This can be done by using Boolean search terms in a majority of databases. This consists of linking two keywords with the word “AND” to join ideas together or using “OR” to search for mutually exclusive terms. By using a list of search terms that include “AND” and “OR”, it is possible to create a list of matching articles that meet your specific needs.

After knowing the rules, now time for you to determine a Peer-Reviewed Article.

  • Title – titles of peer-reviewed articles have the academic sound or tone in it.
  • Topic – topics normally are highly specific and are related to a particular field.
  • Audience – upon reading the article, it must target audiences like students, another researcher, colleagues, specialists and the likes. Articles of this type normally do not target general audience.
  • Language – articles of this type do not use the first person and in formal tone.
  • Length – article length can vary but normally from 1 to 50 pages.
  • Authors – authors are numerous and can be an organization, an institute or a group of professionals.
  • Content – article contents are written in a sophisticated manner or level.
  • Publishing – these articles are normally published regularly like weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Identification – every issue of an article has its own identification including the identification date of publication, volume and issue numbers.

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