How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

BuyEssaySafe How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

When finishing an essay on any topic, you might find yourself in difficulty which many students experience: How do I write the conclusion?

It is believed there are the two most difficult parts of writing an essay: starting to write and finishing it. Whether you are writing a book report, a reflection paper, or a simple essay, the conclusion is of great significance. Not only does writing the final paragraph challenge you to prove that the topic has been properly researched and understood, but it also needs to be incorporated into the entire text smoothly.

You might wonder how to put all that in a 4-sentence paragraph and end up with an A from your professor. However, there is no need to be terrified! Here are some tips and important information that will definitely help you conclude your essay most appropriately.

Stick to the thesis statement

It is crucial to keep your thesis statement in mind when writing any part of the essay. Remember that this is the main idea of what you write about. You start your essay with it and, apparently, should use it at the end. The main paragraphs of the essay are all about supporting the idea, whereas having the same statement in the final paragraph is an evidence of the statement being proven. Therefore, you may restate the thesis statement from your introduction paragraph in other words, yet sticking to its core message.

Summarize the key points from the main paragraphs

The main part of your essay contains the ideas you have put together to support your thesis. The conclusion should include these points summarized and shortened. Write two or three most convincing ideas you have given in the central part and simplify them not to make it too long. You should also remember to avoid repeating the same sentences in the closure that you have written in the main part because it makes your essay look uninteresting and of poor quality.

BuyEssaySafe How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

Keep the reader interested by giving your opinion

To some extent, academic writing puts a limit on sounding passionate; however giving your opinion when concluding your essay is one of the tools to keep the reader interested. You can either briefly express your thoughts on the topic or demonstrate which influence it has had on you.

Keep it short and simple

When writing the final paragraph, remember that all the main ideas have already been stated. There is no need to go into great detail about the topic one more time – the reader has already obtained that information from the text above. So try to limit the conclusion to 4-5 sentences.

BuyEssaySafe How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay


Writing the conclusion might sometimes be quite challenging. However, if you restate your thesis statement, support it with some points from the main paragraphs keeping it straightforward and short, you will get nothing but an A+.

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