Best Theology Research Paper Topics

BuyEssaySafe Best Theology Research Paper Topics

Theology is thought of as the study of the divine. It offers a broad variety of topics, however, involves not any less creativity and analysis that writing a business plan or management plan. There are plenty of aspects that can be covered in a research paper during a theology class. We are now offering a list of ideas you may want to cover and, luckily, many professional essay writers which we employ can produce an outstanding paper for you.

Atheism and Agnosticism

Despite the fact that there are plenty of different religions in the world with many followers, there is still room for agnostics and atheists. These are two social phenomena: the former is based on the belief that no absolute truth can be perceived through a person’s mind; the latter questions the presence or influence of God at all. The common thing is that neither of them acknowledges divinity. You might be interested in researching the influence atheism, and agnosticism has over modern societies all over the world, how these two phenomena differ based on geography and history.

Comparative religion

It is one of the most obvious choices for theology research, yet one of the most difficult to conduct. Here you may compare several aspects of two or more religions, find the common and the different, research the influences or the interdependencies, study how they affect the societies or the values they preach, and a lot of other interesting matters.


One of the ideas found in many theological studies is immortality. We can explore the way it is explained in different religions or how the expectations have changed through the time. Moreover, you can connect immortality in religion to similar concepts in philosophy and compare them. All in all, a lot can be researched on this topic, and there is always much unspoken.

Religious conversion

Among all the sections, this one is the closest to a daily life, which can make it a great choice for someone. You may discuss rites necessary for conversion in each religion, the meaning and the symbolism the sacred book of each religion puts into it, how and by whom they are usually performed. Conversion peculiarities in indigenous religions and cults might turn out to be a fascinating research topic as well.

Religious ethics

In a multi-religious and multicultural society, this question is never out of date. You may discuss different issues occurring in several cultures, and suggest how they can be approached. You may study a historical aspect as well, describing how religious relations between people changed over time.


Suffering, as well as immortality, is also present in several world religions. It has often acted as a reason for interconfessional conflicts and has been drawing much attention to it in Christianity. An extensive research might be conducted on this topic, giving answers to what is considered by suffering, what benefits a human should expect from it and a lot more.

Choosing a topic seems like a lot of effort. Moreover, the research itself can take a lot of free time that you might not be willing to spend in a library. Guess what? We got your back! Just contact and get your theology paper written by professionals.

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